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2 July
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i like coffee, sweet tea, music, erin, xbox, sports, pizza, and good grades. i like alot of bands and singers. umm my best are rancid, descendents, ataris, all bands with matt pryor , ben gibbard, motion city soundtrack, millencolin, mxpx, brand new, faint, matches, weezer, against me, tinc, nufan, alk trio, transplants and nofx, i like alot of shit way too much to type. i like alot of old rap too like tupac, biggie, beasties, and other shit that i grew up with. im findin myself to be a big johnny deep fan now esp movies like pirates, secret window, fear and loathing in las vegas (got to be the one of the funniest ever), from hell, sleepy hollow etc. i also noticed i like alot of tim burton's stuff. but my other fav movies are boondock saints, napoleon, hulk, xmen, zoolander.i like alot of marvel stuff too like fantastic four, xmen, hulk, avengers. i have the best gf ever and its the best to hang out with her. i hope we can stay together during college or i will die.